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Black Ops

The BlackOps Suspension System serves as a straightforward replacement for most bungee setups, featuring two internally sprung dampers that suspend the aircraft. These dampers employ a separated air-over-oil design and a finely-tuned damping piston to manage spring oscillations during taxi, takeoff, and landing. Notably, the BlackOps design enables ride height control through an internal spring mechanism. To enhance safety, fail-safes have been integrated to maintain ride height in the event of a catastrophic nitrogen and oil loss. In such cases, the BlackOps seamlessly transitions into a die spring configuration, ensuring the aircraft retains its capability to take off and land, albeit with reduced damping. TacAero recommend this suspension for Super Cubs and Carbon Cub SS, FX1 and FX2

Pro Series
The Pro Series stands as the epitome of aircraft shock technology, offering unparalleled performance surpassing even the renowned BlackOps Suspension. Engineered to support heavier aircraft like the CubCrafters FX3 and XCub, it is the TacAero recommended suspension. With the flexibility to select from various spring combinations, the Pro Series accommodates aircraft of any size and weight. Its dual-rate design, featuring two internal springs, ensures a smoother taxi while delivering exceptional performance when it's time to soar. Whether navigating backcountry terrain in Alaska or competing in STOL competitions, the Pro Series excels across diverse aircraft makes and profiles, making it the ultimate choice for discerning pilots.